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  • Freak Out
  • Sky Wheel
  • 1001 Nachts
  • Midway
  • Wipeout
  • Ring of Fire

The Berry-Go-Round is a great family attraction that the whole family can enjoy.  Riders are able to control the spin of their giant oversized strawberry making for a custom ride experience.


The main icon on our midway is our spectacular 3-abreast carousel.  Decked out with beautiful denzel style sceenery, the carousel features a variety of horses and two stationary chariotts for those who wish not to climb aboard a horse.


The Clown Around is a unique children's ride in which kids ride in giant clown shaped seats and are gently spun around a track with a mild wip like action.


The Combination features a variety of different vehicles that kids can ride on including a School Bus, Fire Truck, Police Car, and more.

Crazy Bus

The Crazy Bus is a fun ride in which the large bus goes up and down in a circular motion.  Moms and dads can ride too!

Farm Tractors

Kids love being able to choose from their choice of brightly decorated tractors to ride on.

General Store
Happy Swing

The Happy Swing is like a giant porch swing!


Kids are able to fly their very own helicopter!  As the ride begins to spin, riders are able to control the lift height of their copter.

Jungle Safari

The Jungle Safari is a kids adventure course!  Along the way, kids will encounter rope nets, punching bags, a suspension bridge, and a giant slide!

Orient Express

The Orient Express is a kid size roller coaster that features two hills and two curves.  Adults can ride along in the adult size roller coaster cars.

Rio Grand Train

All aboard!  Kids love our kid sized train that features a figure eight track configuration.


The Snowmobile ride features a variety of vehicles including several snowmobiles and antique cars.

Space Shuttles

The Space Shuttle is a tame childrens ride that slowly turns kids in a circular motion in their very own space shuttle.

Super Slide

This is no ordinary playground slide!  Our 90ft long slide features three humps across three lanes that accomodates three riders at a time.

Wacky Shack

Kids love this wacky experience!  This fun house features plenty of interactive elements and tricks such as moving walways, trick mirrors, and more.

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