• Vertigo
  • Freak Out
  • Sky Wheel
  • 1001 Nachts
  • Midway
  • Wipeout
  • Ring of Fire
1001 Nachts

The 1001 Nachts is a giant, 50' tall flying carpet ride.  Riders seat facing the midway and are taken 50 ft in the air while staying upright at all times.  As the carpet makes a downward motion, riders experience a free fall sensation.

Black Widow
Expo Wheel
Ferris Wheel

The Ferris Wheel is a 30ft high traditional ferris wheel.  Each of the 12 seats can accomodate up to two adults or three children.


Take a loop on the Fire Ball.  This giant 60ft tall looping roller coaster will take you upside down forwards and then backwards.  Riders are secured with over the shoulder harnesses.

Freak Out

The Freak Out is a high tech thrill ride imported from the Netherlands.  Riders sit in suspended seats, secured by over-the-shoulder harnesses.  As the claw of the ride rotates, it swings back and forth making for a unique thrill.


The Orbiter is a high speed thrill ride, not for the faint of heart.  The center of the ride rotates 24 revolutions per minute (RPM) while the spindles in which the seats are attached spins at 26RPM. 


The Rock O Plane has been around since the 1950s and was originally developed by Eyerly Aircraft Company, who originally designed early flight simulators for the US Airforce.  As the ferris wheel spins, riders are able to lock their car so that it spins freely or rotates with the wheel.


The Scooter, otherwise known as the Bumper Cars, is a favorite at any carnival or amusement park.  Riders get to drive as reckless as they want, as they crash into their friends in motorized vehicles with giant rubber bumpers.


The Scrambler is a classic ride that spins you in two directions.  As the center of the ride spins, so do the spindles that the seats are attached to.  Each seat accomodates two adults or three children.

Sky Wheel

The Sky Wheel is a spectacular double ferris wheel attraction that is rarely seen on carnival midways of the 21st century.  As the two ferris wheels spin independently of one another, the large boom rotates.  Due to high maintenance and transportation costs, the Sky Wheel is only available for select venues.

Wipe Out

The Wipe Out is a unique thrill ride that spins riders forward and backward on a giant turntable.  As the turntable spins, the turet in the center of the ride rotates in the opposite direction making the turntable have a wave motion. 

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